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So you want to keep your lover, find out the number one charmed lovers pet nicknames, you want to find out if you would be compatible with a potential lover?

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Although this chart is for numerology compatibility on your names, you can also use it for numerology compatibility on your dates of birth!

Have fun with it especially if you’ve had a few different names in your life or have pet names for your lover and yourself!


Charmed Numerology Compatibility Combinations of ONE

  1. A clash of egos. Heated arguments. Set common goals and strive high together
  2. Nice Match! Stereotyped roles can enjoy the romance!
  3. Oh Wow! Never a dull moment here! Many joint friends, great for joint business ventures
  4. Dis-harmony unless you learn to respect each others opinions and listen carefully!
  5. A passion seen only in romance novels! Give each other space as this will be full of many changes!
  6. Prosperity & happiness oftentimes very different ideas
  7. An intellectual match here with displays of passion
  8. An ambitious partnership set your limits and be clear about your priorites and you may succeed
  9. Pure Fireworks! Tantrums included!

Charmed Numerology Combinations of TWO

  1. Same as 1 + 2 above
  2. Twins perhaps? Watch out you dont get on each others nerves!
  3. Difficulties indicated here. Much patience is required try to accumulate mutual interests
  4. A steady love relationship if not a tad humdrum, great if you want a long lasting relationship
  5. So different you may have to work at this one! Needing much focus for this love relationship to last
  6. Almost compatible if you give each other space and time to grow and develop a loving partnership
  7. Special bliss offered here! A loving partnership based on individuality and solitude
  8. Count your loving blessings these two lovers complement each other to perfection!
  9. Mmm. Well, chalk & cheese here with the possibility of intense passion or other! A relationship prone to outbursts

Charmed Numerology Compatibility Combinations of THREE

  1. Same as 1 + 3 above
  2. Same as 2 + 3 above
  3. No stability here! A fast rollercoaster ride living life in the fast lane
  4. Finances & a lack of individual friends interfere in this relationship.
  5. Passion & parties! You’d better make sure you have finances to cover this relationship!
  6. Acting responsibly here will ensure a very happy home life!
  7. Different people with different needs
  8. Opposites really do attract here! The only problem is proving you can make it work
  9. If you can both share in the spotlight and avoid individual scenes.. life is your stage!

Charmed Numerology Combinations of FOUR

  1. Same as 1 + 4 above
  2. Same as 2 + 4 above
  3. Same as 3 + 4 above
  4. Solid values in this very solid relationship with a tendancy to be too stuborn!
  5. Very different temperments difficulties ensue, this one needs work to survive
  6. Nice match! Stable, comfortable but with penny-pinching on the affection given!
  7. Perhaps an all too serious couple?
  8. Where’s the romance in all the hardworking money-saving work going on here?
  9. If there is anything in common here work on it! An unlikely combination of lovers

Charmed Numerology Compatibility Combinations of FIVE

  1. Same as 1 + 5 above
  2. Same as 2 + 5 above
  3. Same as 3 + 5 above
  4. Same as 4 + 5 above
  5. Passion & drama make up this love relationship stay clear of jealousy to make it last
  6. If you can both learn to share the responsibilities and make compromises it might just work!
  7. With so much individual freedom this loving couple need to make time for each other!
  8. Always future plans being made and great happiness taken with long term planning, mutual inspiration
  9. If you can learn to watch the finances this unusual combination can explore all possibilities!

Charmed Numerology Combinations of SIX

  1. Same as 1 + 6 above
  2. Same as 2 + 6 above
  3. Same as 3 + 6 above
  4. Same as 4 + 6 above
  5. Same as 5 + 6 above
  6. A very loving relationship where both partners build on service to others
  7. Mmm, a difficult one here! Compromise and perhaps it could last
  8. An enduring good match here! Single friends could be envious of this love match!
  9. A happy loving couple, only minor differences!

Charmed Numerology Combinations of SEVEN

  1. Same as 1 + 7 above
  2. Same as 2 + 7 above
  3. Same as 3 + 7 above
  4. Same as 4 + 7 above
  5. Same as 5 + 7 above
  6. Same as 6 + 7 above
  7. Allow for each others unconventionalities & respect each others work to make this love relationship work
  8. Getting agreement on where to invest the hard earned money from these two career minded people will make this love relationship
  9. love and grow!
  10. A spiritual union made in the heavens!

Charmed Numerology Compatibility Combinations of EIGHT

  1. Same as 1 + 8 above
  2. Same as 2 + 8 above
  3. Same as 3 + 8 above
  4. Same as 4 + 8 above
  5. Same as 5 + 8 above
  6. Same as 6 + 8 above
  7. Same as 7 + 8 above
  8. The DYNAMIC DUO! Choose whether to make it all work or all play!
  9. Harmony in this loving relationship keep close eye on your finances and sail through!

Charmed Numerology Combinations of NINE

  1. Same as 1 + 9 above
  2. Same as 2 + 9 above
  3. Same as 3 + 9 above
  4. Same as 4 + 9 above
  5. Same as 5 + 9 above
  6. Same as 6 + 9 above
  7. Same as 7 + 9 above
  8. Same as 8 + 9 above
  9. Get a lofty plan and revel in the happiness! This is a deep lasting bond!